Dolce Pane E Vino

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Serving Daily – Our menu is prepared daily to ensure the quality of our ingredients. We support local, sustainable practices, organic produce, and local farms. Dolce’s culinary team is committed to delivering the ultimate California farm to table cuisine. All of our food is made from scratch in-house.

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  • Antipasti

    Brussels Sprouts, pancetta lardon 12

    Asparagus, oven roasted, olive oil poached egg, crispy speck 18

    Bruschetta chive whipped goat cheese, dates, white balsamic pearls 12

    Carpaccio, filet, arugula, Banyul’s vinaigrette Parmigiano, lemon oil, 20

    Cheese Board, selection of three cheeses, seasonal fruit compote, nuts, honeycomb 20 

    Charcuterie & Cheese, selection of three cheeses three cured meats and San Daniele prosciutto 30

  • Primi
  • Soup Du Jour MP

    Mussels, pancetta, fennel, onion, white wine, lemon,  fresh herbs 21

    Clams, herbed pesto broth, garlic baguette, lemon 21

    Cavatelli, house made baked pasta, N’duja sausage red onion, fennel, garlic, San Marzano tomatoes, parmesan 17

    Risotto, shrimp, melted leeks, charred broccolini, parmesan 20

    Lamb, New Zealand marinated chops, bell pepper polenta, arugula pesto 21


  • Insalata

     Parmesan & Egg, mixed greens, parmesan peppercorn dressing, slow poached egg, shaved parmesan, crostini, anchovy 17

    Stonefruit, mixed greens, pink lemon ricotta, coriander pine nuts, champagne brandy vinaigrette 18

    Heirloom and burrata, heirlooms tomatoes, basil, arugula, herb vinaigrette, balsamic reduction 18                       

    Bibb Lettuce, Black River gorgonzola, candied bacon, cherry tomato, crème fraiche vinaigrette, herb breadcrumb 17                       

    Beet and goat cheese, roasted gold and striped beets, citrus, chive goat cheese panna cotta, arugula, orange reduction, pistachios 18

  • Flatbreads

    Margherita, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, basil 17       Add Prosciutto 6

    Sausage Salumi, bacon, salumi, sausage, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella 21

    Mushroom & Spinach, applewood smoked bacon, parmesan cream, garlic, chili flake, pickled red onion, mozzarella, fontina 18

    Pesto, mozzarella, red onion, heirloom tomato 19                        Add Chicken 5

    Artichoke & Speck, garlic cream sauce, fontina,  lemon ricotta, spring onion, arugula 20

  • Piatti

    Fettucini, sautéed shrimp, spinach, parmesan roasted grape tomatoes, white wine broth, garlic, lemon 22

    Cedar Salmon, Atlantic salmon, roasted broccolini, lemon, Saba 27

    Jidori Half Chicken, seared under brick, crispy smashed fingerling potatoes, locally farmed seasonal vegetables, sunny up egg, jus 27            Angry Style 28

    Lasagna, classic Bolognese, house made pasta, Mornay sauce, mozzarella, fontina 22

    Daily Butcher’s Cut, roasted seasonal vegetable, potato du jour, red wine jus MP

    Cioppino, fresh seafood, spicy tomato broth, toasted herbed baguette, limited availability 35

    Catch of the Day MP